Ceramic Vase

Our selection of white ceramic tapered vases come in 2 different sizes and are perfect for any flower combination and home decor.

Add one to your cart with any flower purchase & take the hassle out of finding a vase. Check below the bouquet size vs vase guide on which vase to order best suited for your flower purchase.


Pictures: (flower/vase combo are examples only) Previous bouquet designs and sizes with the 22cm vase and 26cm vase

Ceramic Vase

  • We recommend the following size vases according to your flower purchase.

    Small Bouquet: 22cm H vase

    Medium Bouquet: 22cm or 26cm H vase

    Large Bouquet: 26cm H vase

    Extra Large Bouquet: 26cm H vase 


Add a card on with your flowers!

Leave your message on one of our Florenna cards. Featuring dried/preserved flowers & a waxseal stamp.