Flower Care 

There are a few tricks that can help you get the best and longest use out of your fresh flowers including:

  • We recommend to NOT leave fresh flowers out of water for longer than one hour or leave them in your car.

  • After receiving a Gold Coast delivery of fresh flowers, we recommend removing the water bubble and placing the bouquet in a water vessel as well as snipping the stems as soon as possible.

  • The age-old and classic approach works great (which we are sure many of you have been told by florists, parents or even grandparents in the past) – all you need to do is change the water every couple of days and if you have a pair of strong scissors handy, snip off about 2 centimeters of the stem from the bottom.

  • Remove any leaves that are beneath the water level and any deteriorating flowers as this will dirty the water a lot quicker (so general rule of thumb, if you would not drink it, neither would your flowers).

  • You can also keep the arrangement in a cooler spot, rather than in direct sunlight.

  • Equally, keeping the arrangement at a reasonable height and not high up where heat is likely to rise and wilt the flowers.

  • Also be sure to keep the arrangement away from fruits as this can cause the flowers to rapidly age and wilt quicker than they should.


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