About Florenna

There is something unexplainable about flowers that just put you in a state of awe, whether it's wild in a field or arranged into a bouquet. Our job at Florenna is to maintain and raise that initial level of awe that flowers have with any creation, regardless of how they are arranged. We aim to educate and share the idea that any creation can be beautiful and suitable for many occasions. By changing your perspective on buying flowers, you're removing the concerns of flower types, colours, longevity and money. And by taking on this genuine approach, it brings you back to the simple fact that you're here to give someone the gift of flowers. This way you can enjoy the personal satisfaction, energy and joy that flowers can bring to anyone and any space.
Finding out a little bit about us includes introducing you to the owner and creater of Florenna

Hi there!

You know when people say “good things come in small packages”; well that pretty much sums me up. My name is Keely, I’m a petite human, a hugger who loves to dance and sing off key to groovy beats, eat lots of Gelato and of course I love flowers (cliché but true)

I’ve been a florist for many years, learning and playing and in late 2019, I finally puckered up the courage to start Florenna on the side whilst continuing to work other jobs. Then in 2020 Covid really kicked in, just my luck right! I’ve heard many stories of other small businesses in the same boat and suddenly the most exciting new chapter of my life became questionable. But I stuck it out and in 2021; I went full time with Florenna, offering daily Gold Coast flower deliveries for both dried flowers and fresh flowers. 

Over the years I noticed our industry was lacking excitement and spontaneity which sparked an idea in the form of weekly changing bouquets and as an added bonus we come up with fun relatable names for them. These ever-changing bouquets are now the core of our business, a flowery lucky dip. They’re a breath of fresh air, helping people feel comfortable in accepting new colours and new flowers while breaking a few common stereotypes like flowers can be affordable and should be bought for all occasions whether they be special or just because and big or small.

So far, the best part of Florenna is hearing that people are so excited and wait with anticipation for our bouquets to be announced each week. And this is exactly what we wanted to bring to the table.

I hope Florenna with its simplified approach brings you and those you wish to share flowers with smiles and joy.